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There are several key features you should look for when choosing the business cards that are right for you. The following features can be used to cmopare business card printing services and select one that meets your needs.

Check out our Cheap Busines Cards Comparison Grid to see which top vendors offer the features below.

Blue Business Card

Card Type

Traditional cards are great for people needing standard business cards.
Traditional business cards are digitally printed on standard cardstock, but you can usually select upgrades at an additional cost. View our comparison chart for Traditional Business Cards.

Custom cards are great for people who want to make a unique statement. These business cards are typically printed on special cardstock. Business card companies that offer full-service design will work with you to customize your business card to your absolute satisfaction.

Raised Print cards are great for people who need fast, inexpensive cards with a classic look.  Raised cards have raised or textured lettering in 1-2- colors usually on plain, white card stock.  Because they don't use many ink colors, they are usually a lot cheaper and faster to print than traditional or custom cards. 

Compare cheap business card printing services that offer these card types.

Orange Business CardOrder Size

Typically, the more business cards you order, the cheaper the price per card.
If you want to order cards for multiple people, you may want to take advantage of “batch” ordering, which allows you to split a bulk order among multiple people. However, not many business card printing companies will allow you to split your order. The two companies we’ve found that allow batch orders are Andreoni and Moo.

Pink Business CardCard Finish

Matte finish
is great for hand-writing notes on your card.
Glossy finish is great for showcasing graphic-heavy, creatively designed business cards.
Premium Laminate is a high-end finish (or upgrade) that creates a thicker, more durable business card.
Raised Print
creates a simple, textured and classic look using only 1-2 colors.

Green Business CardCard Stock (Thickness)

The standard cardstock is 14 pt (or 80 lb.).
There are two standard measurements used to refer to card thickness (or cardstock): point and pound.  The measurements in order of least thick to thickest are as follows: 12/13 pt, 14 pt (or 80 lb.) and 16 pt (or 100 lb.). Some companies will let you upgrade your cardstock for an additional fee.

Blue Business CardBack Side Printing


Be sure to check the price of backside printing before you buy.  Printing on the back of your card is typically included in the pricing of basic business cards. There are three types of backside printing offered at different price points: custom full color, custom black and white, and calendar/appointment lines.

Orange Business CardUploading Your Logo


Most business card companies will allow you to upload your logo for free, while a few may charge a fee. Typically, if you are ordering a Raised Print card, you will not be able to upload a custom logo. The reason is that Raised Print cards are printed with 1-2 colors only. Some companies, such as uPrinting, will let your upload your logo to a Raised Print card, but your logo will be printed digitally.

Pink Business CardTurnaround Time

How soon you receive your business cards depends on two things: printing turnaround time and shipping time.
Some orders (like custom designs) can take up to a week to process and print, so plan accordingly. Shipping charges and carriers may vary among business card companies, so be sure to get a shipping quote before you purchase. To be safe, don’t order your cards at the last minute!

Green Business CardCustomer Support

Most business card printing services don't offer phone customer support. 
Delayed email communication could prolong the time it takes for you to get your cards. (For instance, it takes approximately 2 business days to communicate with Andreoni and finalize your order. Another company Moo responds to emails within the same business day.)