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Moo Review


  • High quality default card (scored 5 out of 5 stars)
  • High quality templates made by graphic designers
  • Free double-sided printing
  • Standard shipping time of 3-4 business days (Market Standard is one week)
  • Faster shipping option available: 1-2 Day
  • Phone, email and live chat customer support available


  • High cost: costs 35 cents/card (Market Standard is 8 cents/card)


Moo offers the highest quality cards we’ve reviewed and feature stylish graphic designs.  Moo is great for anyone who wants unique business card designs created by a staff of professional designers. However, we found it somewhat difficult to create a card from scratch using their design editor and recommend that you stick with the templates. Moo is also the most expensive option we’ve reviewed, but for the price you get quality cards and free double-sided printing (which is not offered by most of the other printing companes).

Default Card

We rated Moo’s default card 5 out of 5 stars. Their default card stock is 16 point, which is thicker than our Market Standard of 14 point. Their default card size is 2.16” x 3.3”, which is more square-shaped than the standard 2” x 3.5” business card. They also offer a matte laminate default finish, which is higher quality than the standard matte or glossy finish. In addition, they have a recycled paper option for you to print your cards on.

Designing Your Card

Uploading Your Own Design

If you have a business card design already created, or you plan to create one, this vendor will let you upload your design, select your options, and print your cards.

Using a Predesigned Template

Moo has high quality predesigned templates. They offer 274 templates and 11 fonts to choose from. You can upload your logo to 107 of the predesigned templates.

Creating a Card from Scratch

We rated Moo 4 out of 5 stars for creating a card from scratch. Moo's design tool let's you choose from 13 different layouts, but once the layout is chosen, you can't drag and drop elements around . This is good and bad, because, although this is a limitation, it ensures that you don't create a poorly organized card. . The editor limits the amount of text you can put on the card, since you’re restricted to what their layouts show. Moo does show you the cut and bleed lines (which show you where your design will be cut from the paper).  Moo also does not let you draw manually on the card- however you can upload any background image that you like. They do not offer any stock images, but they do let you upload up to 50 images per order (which is cool, because you can vary the images that are printed on the back of the cards in a single order). We found it easy to upload images with Moo, and it is now very easy to move or resize the logo to ensure it fits the template. Moo's editor will auto-align the text on the card for you, and they do have vertical layouts available.

In order to see how easy it was to create a card from scratch using Moo’s design tool, we attempted to replicate a simple business card we already had. We found this to be relatively easy, since this layout is very close to one of those that they offer.

Options & Upgrades

Moo offers traditional, flat print cards. The only card stock they offer is 16 point card stock (which is relatively thick), and they offer matte laminate and recycled paper finishes for you to select. They also offer mini cards and cards with rounded corners. In addition, Moo offers a unique “Printfinity” option that lets you print a different design or photograph on every single card in the pack.

Shipping & Delivery

Moo’s standard shipping time is 3-4 business days, which is faster than our Market Standard of one week. Moo’s standard shipping costs $15 for 200 cards shipped to any location in the U.S. 1-2 Day shipping is also available with their Express Shipping option and costs $34.75 for 200 cards. Shipping prices vary with order size.

Customer Support

Moo offers phone, email and live chat support. Phone support is available Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. BST. We found their email support to be very helpful and knowledgeable when answering our questions, and they took about 24 hours to respond.


Moo offers 200 business cards for $69.99, which comes out to 35 cents per card. This is relatively expensive compared to other online vendors, but they are the only company we’ve reviewed that offers free printing on the back of your cards. Their other order sizes range from 50 cards to 6,000 cards. Moo offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which means they will re-print your order, give you a coupon, or give you your money back if they cannot fix a problem with your order. This is relatively lenient when compared with other companies.

Moo News

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MOO Partners with Logoworks

MOO recently announced their new partnership with Logoworks, a logo design company that will help MOO customers to design a logo for their business at a reasonable price.

For example, with their Gold Package, you’ll have three different (and very experienced!) designers working on your logo. They’ll take their creative inspiration from your ideas, turning even the vaguest of ideas into six different logo designs. From there, you’ll pick one, and revise it with them, experiment with colors and fonts until you’ve created the perfect logo for your business.

Learn more about Logoworks’ partnership with MOO.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MOO Launches Card Gallery

MOO has announced the creation of their new online tool that helps you show off your business or artwork in an interactive way—for free. If you’ve created business cards with MOO, you can now create a personal Card Gallery on Think of it as an online version of your cards.

This gallery gives you a chance to promote your business easily, link to your website, and give clients a simple way to reach you. You can even directly link your own Card Gallery from your Facebook or Twitter or put a mini version of your Card Gallery on your site or blog through an interactive MOO widget.

The Card Gallery is also a great way to create a cool new email signature.

Check out the MOO Card Gallery and create one of your own.

Price & Features

Order Size Reviewed


Cost per Order


Price Per Card


Minimum Order Size


Double-Sided Printing


Default Card

Default Card

Default Card Stock

16 pt.

Default Card Size

2" x 3.5"

Default Card Finish

Matte Laminate

Designing Your Card

Use Your Existing Design

Use Provider's Design

Quality of Templates


Upload Your Logo to the Template

Number of Fonts


Create Design From Scratch

Ease of Creation

Upload Your Logo to a Blank Card


Custom Image Limit per Order


Options & Upgrades

Digital (Flat) Print

Raised Print


Custom Designs


Professional Graphic Designs

Horizontal Design Templates

Vertical Design Templates

Matte Finish

Glossy Finish


Laminated Finish

Rounded Corners

Special Shapes/Die-cut


Recycled Paper

Spot UV Coating


Mini Cards

Linen Cards


Fold-over Cards


Magnetic/Metal Cards


PDF Proof

Hardcopy Proof


Shipping & Delivery

Standard Shipping Time

3-4 Bus. Days

Faster Shipping Options

1-2 Day

Shipment Tracking

Customer Service

Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Support

Email, live chat

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