Business Card Buyer's Guide |

Business Card Buyer's Guide

How to Choose a Business Cards Printing Service 

Our inclusive comparison grid and our reviews of business card printing services will help you determine the business card printing service for your needs. Below, we listed the five simple steps you should take to ensure you get the most

1. Analyze Your Business Card Needs

Evaluate how many cards you need, how soon you need them and how much you’re willing to pay for card stock, card finish and other features. Business card printing services more or less work the same way:  You design your card using their online tools (or have one designed by a graphic designer).  You select your card size, stock, finish and/or special materials.  You select your shipping and pay for the cards. 

The only differences are what features/ options are available and what price you have to pay to get them.  Also, you can typically receive your cards in 8-12 days, but some services have faster shipping options.  It’s important to have a good idea of what you want before you buy.

2. Compare Business Card Printing Services

Our business cards comparison chart gives a side-by-side evaluation of top online printing services on important features, such as cost per order, quality of the card, ease of using the design tool, default card stock, default card finish, turnaround time, etc. Scroll over underlined terms to read a full description of the feature. If you click on any Read Full Review link, you'll see an expanded features chart that gives you full details about the selected business card printing service.

>> View our Cheap Business Cards Comparison Chart

3. Read Business Card Reviews

Our business cards reviews offer detailed information about the business card printing service plans reviewed on our site. We've listed the pros, cons, and conclusions for every provider so you can quickly compare and select the appropriate plan.

4. Start Designing Your Card For Free

After you are done researching, click the Order Now button to start designing your cards on the provider’s website.  Most business card printing services (minus the custom design services) will let you create and upload your design using their online tools before you pay a single cent. If you are still unsure which service to try after creating your design, come back and use our comparison chart and other resources.

>> View our Cheap Business Cards Comparison Chart

What are business card printing services? 

For those who want to design and edit their own cards, business card printing services allow customers to use online design tools, which make building business cards a breeze. Some business card printing services even feature a full design team that can create a custom business card from scratch for customers who want unique, outside-the-box cards.  The best part is that business cards created with these sites can cost as low as one penny per card.

Ordering business cards online offers more options than the average brick-and-mortar business card printer in terms of print materials, card finish and card stock, raised lettering and custom design.  Plus, the turnaround on business cards designed online is typically much quicker.  You’ll be able to get your cards in as few as three days.

Who uses cheap business cards? 

Cheap business cards that are created using online printing services are used by a wide variety of people:

  • Freelancers
  • Small business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Conference/trade-show attendees
  • Creative industries
  • Retail industries
  • Everyone

Online business card printing services are the best solution for entrepreneurs or small business owners who need quick, easy and low-cost way to create business cards in order to market themselves or their businesses.

>> Start comparing online business card printing services.